How to Get High Quality Links?

In today’s fast paced world where the Internet is the go to place for most information, and Google is akin to God, it’s all about building and getting links. But not just any links, quality links.

Link building is a lot like doing marketing or PR for your webpage. In the simplest form, it’s defined as linking your website to external pages or other sites. Why would you want to do that? Because quality links help people find your web page, it increases traffic to your site and plays a vital role in how well your page is ranked by search engines like Toronto SEO.

Because it’s such a competitive space and because the online world moves so fast, you may be tempted to flood the space with links to your sites. This is a huge no no.

When it comes to link building quality, is always, always more important than quantity. Having your site linked to too many irrelevant sites can actually have a negative impact and lower SEO rankings. In an ideal world you want the big dogs of websites linking to your content because it will lend legitimacy to your site. So quality is key.

If link building is approached in the right way, your site’s revenue, branding and ranking can sky rocket. Do the wrong thing and you could find yourself at the bottom of the barrel. This now brings us to the all important question; how can you get high quality links?

Before you even start thinking of getting links, thoroughly examine your site first. Do you have a well-organized, clean site that is easy to navigate?

Will the backlinks go to relevant content on your website instead of the home page or a generic page?

Having a visually appealing site with easy to find information and relevant content will go a long way towards making your site more desirable to others. This is especially important in today’s market when people expect the right information at the click of a button. Remember, nobody likes having to dig through mountains of useless information.

Once you have the perfect site, you can get down to the business of getting links. Here are some simple ways of doing so.

Writing Articles:

 Writing articles is a great online marketing tactic. But this does not mean you should write dozens of articles and post them everywhere. Write quality, informative articles on reputable sites and make sure to use the right anchor text in an effective way.

Another great use of articles is by submitting them on sites that share documents. By simply uploading a .pdf of your blog post or article on one these sites, you are leaving a backlink to your website. But be sure to only use Google trusted quality sharing sites.

Guest Blogging:

Be a guest blogger on a high traffic, high ranked trusted site. If your article is well written and popular, chances are high it will be shared and linked, which eventually helps boost your own site and lends it more gravity and authority.

Social Media:

Social media is your new best friend. One of the quickest ways of gaining a lot of visibility having your content indexed is through social media. Share your post on Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc. (make sure your settings are set to Public so anyone can access it). A high traffic post will get Google’s attention and make your site more relevant and more sought after.

If you’re not keen on sharing or posting your own content, leaving relevant, witty, interesting comments on other people’s posts or blogs can also raise your site’s visibility and profile and can help you build backlinks. This is not to say you should go on a commenting spree everywhere. Pick and choose the ones that will give your site the most advantage.

Build relationships and exchange links:

 While it never hurts to build relationships with the online community, it’s an especially great option when you’re starting from scratch. Find sites that are relevant to yours. Tools like Similar Site Search are available to help you find other sites that are like yours or relevant to yours. Once you have found a few that are well ranked and trusted, build a relationship with them and establish a quid pro quo with them.

Indexing Content:

 Indexing content is a great way of getting real links, which may help your page’s ranking. Use a tool like Alexa to index your content. Google crawls sites like Alexa on a regular basis, so when your content is indexed on the site, there’s a higher chance of having your content get picked up by search engines.

These are just some of the ways how you can get links. There is a ton of information out there on link building and SEOs and there is no one right way of doing it. Different methods work for different sites, but some important factors to keep in mind are relevance, trust, authority and quality. If you’re looking for quick results and some professional advice, there are numerous companies and experts who specialize in building links and boosting site ratings. However, by spending some time doing proper research, learning some useful tips and tricks, and through trial and error, strategic link building can be done by anyone. You definitely do not need to be an expert on the subject!