Coronavirus Home Cleaning Tips

During this difficult time of the coronavirus outbreak we have been advised to practice regular cleaning to keep ourselves and our families safe from the disease. Most people can’t use a Mississauga cleaning company because of the lockdown. When cleaning surfaces or anything you think is unsafe, you should always use equipment like gloves. Below are some ways to keep your home clean and safe.

-Things to note while cleaning

You should know that wearing gloves outside during your time in a supermarket or at an atm won’t protect you from coronavirus and can lead to the spread of bacteria. The best and most reliable way to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus is by regularly washing your hands. Always use soap and water for at least 20 sec. You could also use sanitizers with 60% alcohol base. You are also advised to wear reusable or disposable gloves during all your cleaning and disinfecting.

This pandemic has made everybody thorough in cleaning, so you should always clean every surface with soap and water before you disinfect—soap and water help to decrease germs on the surface while disinfectant kills bacteria permanently. To make your cleaning effective, you must always clean all the frequently touched surfaces like handles, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and tables.

-Proper disinfection practices

You should always make sure the product you use has been approved and is in good quality. You should also make sure to read the instructions to ensure you’re using it correctly. This is usually because some items used to disinfect typically have proper utilization methods; some require you to keep your surface wet. Others take precautions like using gloves, and some need you to be in a well-ventilated room.

If instructions are not provided, always follow these prosecutions. You should always protect your skin by wearing gloves and protecting your eyes from accidental splashes. Make sure the room you’re cleaning has proper ventilation, and some disinfectants have a strong scent. Always dilute your disinfectant with water that is at room temperature unless the instruction states otherwise. You should not try mixing any chemical products and make sure you label diluted cleaning solutions.

It would be best if you also stored them in a cool, dry place and away from the children’s reach. These products are hazardous to your health. It would be best if you never tried eating, drinking, or injecting them into your body. They are not suitable for any of your pets, so you should never try bathing them with these products. People with asthma should not be present during cleaning. The strong smell of the disinfectant could trigger exacerbations.

You could also use diluted bleach if they are suitable for some of your household surfaces. To ensure that the bleach you use is a disinfectant, it must have sodium hypochlorite of about 5 to 6 % concentration. If the bleach is unexpired, it can work against coronavirus after proper dilution.

-How to clean soft surfaces

Hard surfaces are easy to clean. All they need is a good wipe, smooth surfaces, on the other hand, like rugs, carpeted floors, and drapes. You can clean these surfaces using soap and water or other cleaners suitable for these surfaces. Some manufacturers issue instructions to wash with warm water for excellent results and let them dry completely. The use of a vacuum is also advised as a unique method. You could also disinfect using diluted bleach, which has been proven to Germs.


Electronics are the most touched items in every household. Especially phones and tablets, which are frequently handheld, you could easily give them to clients to get their contact information. Even keyboard and remote controls are a great source of germs. You must know the best way to clean such items. You must consider placing a cover that you can wipe on electronics enabling you to clean them without spoiling the device itself. You should also check the manufacturers’ instructions to make sure the appliance can not be damaged with your cleaning method. If the instructions are not provided, you should use alcohol-based wipes and sprays with at least 70% alcohol.


These are items like clothes, towels, and linens. Some come with instructions to help you effectively clean. If the clothes do not come with instructions, you should clean with warm water and dry thoroughly. You should wear disposable gloves if you are washing the clothes of someone who is sick. You can also disinfect using diluted bleach but always use it according to instructions of the manufacturer. After you remove the gloves, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

These practices are essential to keep your family safe while they are in the house. Keeping your house clean ensures a safe environment for your kids who are more vulnerable to the virus. These Coronavirus home cleaning tips will significantly reduce your family’s chances of getting the virus if you follow them to the letter.